Lory's laboratory is born inside the Historical Central Market of Florence in 2001.
Lorena,the holder of the company, bakes every morning fresh Cantucci for her customers.
The experience, in comparison to the customers coming from all over the world allowed her to achieve, year after year, her personal revise of the classical Cantucci recipe: solid (compact) but at the same time brittle, result given by using first quality natural ingredients that makes Lory's Cantucci one of a kind.

As Lorena always says: We do our job with passion and we believe in a quality without compromises but only our customers can tell us if we conquer them with the goodness of our Cantucci or with our words.
Day by day our Cantucci has been appreciated by our customers all over the world.
Our ideal partners are small specialiazed food stores that tasted our products inside the Central Market of Florence and appreciated the quality and Lorena's passion to make them.

Lorena doesn't want her customers to be just customers but friends.

Cantucci Lory Firenze Biscotti